Bell & Howell Ionic Whisper Air Purifier
Bell+Howell Ionic Whisper Air Purifier - As Seen On TV!
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For Cleaner, Fresher, Healthier Air

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air at home may be up to 10 times more polluted than the air outside. The Ionic Whisper™ works silently and effectively to reduce airborne irritants, allergens and pollutants - dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, pet dander, unpleasant odors and more that can irritate eyes, nose, throat and cause headaches, dizziness and increased asthma attacks. The Ionic Whisper™ is energy efficient and cleans the air 24 hours a day using very little electricity. It features a permanent filter which is easy to clean and never has to be replaced so there are no expensive filters to buy. Only 12"H x 4"W, it fits easily in any room.