Audio 2000 (AKJ7401) Prof. Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with Digital Key Controls & Echo
Audio 2000 (AKJ7401) Prof. Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with Digital Key Controls & Echo
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The Audio2000'S® AKJ7401 system is a truly powerful, yet pleasantly sounded, professional karaoke mixing amplifier. In order to provide a complete mastery on the control of a karaoke joy and karaoke performance, the AKJ7401 is configured with all the essential karaoke features: digital key controls, an echo volume control, an echo repeat adjustment, an echo speed adjustment, a video input/output routing, a powerful amplifier, the multiplex vocal canceling, the simulated voice canceling, and smooth vocal sound reinforcement capabilities.

In addition, the music balance/treble/bass controls and microphone treble/bass controls enable the users to master the music and microphone sound in a variety of acoustic environments. A cooling fan is added to effectively remove heat from the AKJ7401. Five microphone inputs on the AKJ7401 are intended to be plentiful for multiple users. The microphone effector loop is separated from the music effector loop in order to achieve delicate vocal sound effects and accompanying music characteristics for extraordinary karaoke enjoyment.

A true 250W + 250W acoustic energy delivery power from the AKJ7401 is carefully engineered to present a high-fidelity direct sound field in a small-room acoustic environment, in a large-room acoustic environment, or in a open performance field.

As a performance extension of the AKJ7000 and AKJ7050 systems, the AKJ7401 enjoys the delicate engineering and the acoustic power of the market-proved AKJ7000 and AKJ7050 solid performance history. Also, the AKJ7401 inherits the Audio2000'S® product tradition of quality, reliability and versatility.

Features Configured To Be User Friendly

  • Remote Control
  • 250W + 250W Max. Power Output (8 Ohms)
  • Five Microphone Inputs
  • Master Microphone Volume Control
  • Three (3) Individual Microphone Volume Controls
  • Microphone Tone Control (Treble/Bass)
  • Master Music Volume Control
  • Music Balance, Treble, and Bass Controls
  • Digital Key Controller (+/- 6 Steps)
  • Digital Echo Volume/Delay/Repeat Controls
  • Voice Canceling Function
  • VCM Automatic Control
  • Manual/automatic Input Channel Switching
  • Microphone Sound Effector Loop
  • Music Sound Effector Loop
  • Four Stereo Audio Inputs
  • Three Video Inputs and Outputs
  • Banana Speaker Output Jacks
  • Cooling Fan
Max. Output 500W / 8 Ohms (EIAJ) (250W X 250W)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.03% @ 1KHz, -3dB, 6 Ohms
Mic. Input Sensitivity 6mV / 600 Ohms
Input Sensitivity 300mV / 22 KOhms
Output Level (Pre-Out) 2.5V / 1 KOhms
Mic. Freq. Response 10 - 25,000 Hz
Music Freq. Response 10 - 40,000 Hz
Tone Control Char. (Bass) +/- 10 dB @ 100 Hz
Tone Control Char. (Treble) +/- 10 dB @ 10 KHz
Speaker Terminal Load 4 to 16 Ohms if use either terminal 1 or 2
6 to 16 Ohms if use both terminals 1 and 2
Key Control Range 13 steps, +/- 3 Tones
Video Input Sensitivity 1Vp-p @ 75 Ohms
Video Output Sensitivity 1Vp-p @ 75 Ohms
Power Consumption 185W
AC Power Outlets(Switched) One Outlet (100W Max)
AC Power Outlets(Unswitched) One Outlet (200W Max)
Dimensions (W X H X D) 420 X 130 X 398mm (16.5" X 5.1" X 15.7")
Weight 12.9 Kg (28.4 lb)
Accessories Remote Control Commander