The midrange of the sound spectrum is of critical importance, as this is where the heart of the music lies. Vocals and instruments should sound natural and detailed, not too prominent or recessed, nor too bright or too dull. A midrange speaker is usually much smaller than a woofer, but with a radiating surface area greater than the typical tweeter. It reproduces the mid frequency range from approximately 300 to 5000 Hertz. This operating range can vary considerably from one driver to the next, thus giving the system designer more flexibility in choosing crossover points for the other drivers. Since the midrange, like the tweeter, is designed to produce optimum response with much less power than is required for the woofers, the magnet structure is usually quite a bit smaller, and the rated power handling is also much less. But since it must be isolated from the direct current of the amplifier by the crossover circuitry, this should not effect the speakers over-all power handling performance.